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Derplight's Anus by PhantomBadger





FiM: Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper by M24Designs
FiM: Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper
I'm back, baby!

Holy hell it's been a long time since I've made.. Well, anything. The main reason being job searching, gaming, and a bunch of other boring life-related things. I've been lacking motivation. But, with the arrival of season 5 just around the corner, that motivation is returning. Ideas are swirling, and I will definitely be outputting wallpapers once more.

That, and there has to be one old-timer to show you whipper-snappers how it's done.

Along with that, I still owe a few people some things. I haven't forgotten about you TecknoJock.

Vectors provided by :iconpinkiespartygirl::iconluke262::iconmillennialdan:
MLP:FiM is (C) Hasbro & DHX Media.
Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost Wallpaper by M24Designs
Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost Wallpaper

.. Momentarily. Just enough to make this quick little wallpaper based on MysteryBen's new Mystery Skulls Animated video. Because holy hell it's amazing. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now. You will not regret it.

As for other parts of this wallpaper, I actually had to do the trace for the skull myself. Couldn't rely on vectors this time. It's still not a vector, but, eh. Close enough.

The video can be watched here:…

Ghost is animated by MysteryBen and his amazing team listed in the video's description.
I'm not dead. I'm just going through the annual Canadian Hibernation.
FP: Carol Wallpaper by M24Designs
FP: Carol Wallpaper
Well, I kind of said I would, so here is a Carol wallpaper to continue the wallpaper series on my current retro addiction.

So this is Carol, the slightly-snarky wildcat with a motorcycle that defies more physics than an electron that doesn't follow the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Despite her childish demeanor, she tries to have her best friend's back whenever trouble comes.

Freedom Planet is created by GalaxyTrail
Carol is originally created by :iconziyoling: , artwork created by Mikuhoshi, posted here by :iconspacemanstrife:

Again, buy this game. You will not regret it.
FP: Lilac Wallpaper by M24Designs
FP: Lilac Wallpaper
What's this? What kind of wallpaper is this? Some kind of Sonic thing? Am I jumping fandoms?

Well, not really, no. This is for a game called Freedom Planet, an indie game released on Steam last week that takes a mishmash of classic 16-bit games and puts them together into a beautiful and very well-polished 2D platformer. Hard to believe it started as a Sonic fan-game. While it still has those elements in homage, the game has so much more to offer, and other characters that add their own spin to the game. Or motorcycle.

This wallpaper is for Lilac, the big hero dragon of the story and leader of a group of.. I guess I could say planetary defenders?

Anyway, I bought this game on the recommendation of a few friends, and I can honestly say I was hooked within the first hour. It was like reliving a small piece of my childhood, especially considering I grew up in the 16-bit era with games on both the SNES and Genesis. It was a blast from the past that was refreshing and fun. And probably something I'm going to waste a good amount of time playing.
I'll probably do other wallpapers of Carol and Milla in the near future. Maybe.

Freedom Planet is created by GalaxyTrail
Lilac is created by :iconziyoling: , artwork created by Mikuhoshi, posted here by :iconspacemanstrife:

Seriously, get this game.
Level: 21

Health: +7
Knowledge: +2
Wisdom: +1
Strength: 0
Tiredness: +3
Caffeine Addiction: +5
Faith in humanity: -30
Debt: +4,800

Yep. It's that time again. Add another number to the life counter. I'm now officially 21. Which means I can legally drink in the US. But I don't live in the US, so I've already been of legal age for two years. Still don't drink though.

Anyway, yes, I know I have not really been that active. College this year has been slowly killing me. But I'm almost finished. College that is. And I'm absolutely thrilled to be almost done.

It also means I should be getting a little more active soon. Expect to see some new stuff in the near future.
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You're art is so amazing!! X3
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Hey, love your work, but I was wondering if you were planning on making spellcircles for any other ponies?  Of the ones that can use magic, persionally I'd love to see Luna, Vinyl, and Zecora, but I think a spellcircle design would be cool for all of the mane six, even though it doesn't make sense.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll love whatever it is you decided to do!
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I have plans to make a few more, I'm just being lazy right now. I'll get to them sooner or later, so keep a lookout.
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Hiya! How's it going? Your art looks pretty awesome! Is it ok if you can check out my gallery too? Thanks.
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